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Concerning health issues and valuable nutrients of Evergreen Agarwood tea

January 18, 2015 2 min read

  Photo courtesy of whitelotus.smugmug.com

  1. Constipation:

Hectic life nowadays consumes most of our time that we unconsciously ignore our diet. Low fiber diet, is one of the main reasons  that lead to constipation. Seniors from 65 and over  have higher risk of constipation due to the poor fiber diets, inadequate or limited fluid intakes, impaired mobility and other disorders that required treatments. Laxative medicines, normally prescribed ,should only be used for short period as they stimulate contractions in the intestine, prolonged use will make you depend on them, result in enlarged intestine and rectum and lead to more constipation.

 Ethanol extract (EEA) and Genkwanin found in Evergreen Agarwood young leaves have laxative effects that help to increase the frequency of normal bowel movements and ease constipation naturally and it is safe for regularly consuming.

  1. Stress:

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining mental and physical health. However,  stressful life with myriad of worries during day life make us  restless and difficult to relax. If you have problems with falling asleep, easily waken up during the night or having poor quality sleep, you are probably affected by insomnia. Insomnia is one of the epidemics that exists in every country. The fact that over one third of us experience insomnia at some points and about 10% of  Australians are affected with on-going symptom.  Poor sleep will result in sleepiness in daytime, lack of energy and tiredness, poor concentration and memory. In long term,  people will be moody, irritable or even depressed.  

Terpenoidswith sedative and anxiolytic effects found in our Evergreen Agarwood young leaves would relax your body and calm your mind, bring you a totally natural deep sleep.

  1. Cardiovascular diseases:

High cholesterol, high blood pressure and high glucose level in blood is the most common diseases that we encounter nowadays due to high fat, high protein diet and chronic diseases. Cardiovascular disease is the condition in which the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart become small and stiff due to the bad cholesterol build up on the inner walls of the vessels , gradually they will blocked or make it difficult for the blood to reach the heart  and brain which will result in heart attack  and stroke.

Polyphenol is another extracts from Agarwood leaves, known for reducing  the absorption of cholesterol in your body, maintaining  good heart health by stabilise and decrease those risks.

  1. Anti-aging:

Polluted environment along with daily consumption of food and other commodities exposed to harmful chemicals will gradually increase the toxins level in our body  and affect our skin texture leading to maturing and early aging. With the blooming of cosmetic industry in anti-aging section, it is almost unaware that no facial cream can indeed reverse your wrinkles and bring back your youth or there is no such perfect way to do that naturally. Youthful skin requires proper diet, exercise routines and then protection and nourishment from outside will be counted in.

Antioxidative compounds especially Genkwanin and  Mangiferinfound in Agarwood leaves help to induce the intestinal toxins out of body effectively. Vitamin E and A and other minerals also help to restructure and improve the skin complexion,  at the same time slow down the aging process.


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