Backed by science, the benefit of agarwood leaf

April 10, 2015

  1. Treating insomnia

Max Coradi, author of "Cure with out side effects", showed that agarwood has been used since ancient to cure insomnia


Terpenoids with sedative and anxiolytic effects found in agarwood leaves would relax your body and calm your mind ( Mamoru Kakino,   Gifu Pharmaceutical University)

2. Reduced blood sugar level, a promising source for anti-diabetic agent.

 In 2011, a study conducted by  Songklanakarin and his team found that Agarwood leaves extract possess antipyretic, laxative and antimicrobial activities.  A trial of one diabetic patient taking long term agarwood leaf tea was found to have blood glucose returned to normal.

Study on rat also found similar pattern



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