Why is pure agarwood incense/ woodchip not so intensive at room temperature ?

June 08, 2015

If you tried to burn any incense ( or even at room temperature) and notice a sharp tangy smell, you would probably come across to chemical incense contains  Benzene, which could cause damage to our body when inhaling.

Pure natural incense ingredients are usually made with the base note ingredient and fillers such as cinnamon, makko powder, for example, is smooth and light with many different notes. When it burns, your eyes will not be watering, your nose will not be shocked by a sharp smell.

Natural ingredients are costly compared to chemical and the smell might not be as "good" to some consumers. However, for meditation or simply enjoying a moment why not try our Grandawood agarwood incense.

"Burning incense exposes people to dangerous levels of smoke laden with cancer-causing chemicals.

The practice is a popular meditative and medicinal aid often used by Buddhists, Hindus and Christians in their homes and places of worship."

New Scientist  

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