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Why can't I smell agarwood/ agarwood beads

June 13, 2015 1 min read 1 Comment

Have you wondered why you could not smell agarwood at all in a particular day? When you bought it, the scent was really strong, but for a while, all of the sudden, the scent disappears. "Oh my God, did I buy the counterfeit product?" you might ask. It could be but here is why:

1) According to Alun Palmer, "The sense of smell gets bored easily. When entering a bakery or florist you are very aware of the aroma but by the time you reach the check-out you will no longer be able to smell the different aromas around you." Just like your own perfume, you wear it everyday. Your body gets used to it and sometimes you no longer smell it yourself. However, people around you can still detect it. It is still there

2) If it was too cold, your nose would not be as sensitive as it was warm. For the agarwood chip, simply heat it up, the fragrance will release. With bracelet, you could either put in somewhere warm (under a halogen light for a short time under 20 seconds or store in a plastic bag/ glasses vial), the scent will be alive again

 (place under heat around 40 C, for around 20 seconds)

 (store in a plastic bag to revive the scent)

smell good again :)


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October 16, 2018

I purchased these bracelets and want to know if they are authentic. Can I send you photos?

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