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Why can't I smell an object which has smell

July 22, 2015 2 min read

Everyone’s place has a different smell. Some smell like curry spice, others smell like patchouli.  Some feel the present of the smell while others do not. The question is if your place always smells like that?

Similar to places, for example, the fragrance of perfume, shampoo, hand soap, or even body lotion, if being used daily by the same person again and again, he/she would feel its scent become less and less noticeable, fading overtime.

Have you ever had an air freshener or a smell diffuser at home? At first use, it is an immediate notice but after a week, you might ask yourself: "is this one still working?"

Similarly, our agarwood incense/ bracelet would be applied to the same principle, once you wear it every day, your nose will not always feel its present.


Below is the pictures of olfactory illustrated by Kyarazen



Melissa Dahl, mentioned that if you are not able to detect any smell, try not to worry as here is the good news:

"Being overly concerned about smells actually seems to make your nose more sensitive. Dalton recalls a study she did once in which she exposed three groups of people to the same scent; she told one group the smell was a “rainforest extract,” another group that it was just a standard scent frequently used by her lab, and the third that it was an industrial solvent. The group who was told the scent was solvent — that is, something negative — were the slowest to adapt to it.

“So fear seems to interfere with that psychological process [of sensory adaptation],” she said. And, yes, she said the “fear” of having a gross-smelling home also, probably, counts. In other words, if this is something you’re worried about, you’re probably fine. But you can also always do some quick jumping jacks, just to be sure." 

Back to agarwood fragance, if you yourself could not scent anything at all, you could ask for a second, third even fourth opinion, ask them to describe of what they feel, express it in a simple way. We are all different.


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