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Should I keep my agarwood beads out of water?

July 30, 2015

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Agarwood beads are made from infected or wounded aquilaria tree body.

(Image from our own supplier)

Agarwood beads  were made  from somewhere in between the fibrous parts and the resinous parts (could not be 100% resinous parts as they are very soft, easily squashed, and costly). Wood fibre absorbs the water if emerged and in long term, ruin the beads.


the above agarwood bracelet 14 beads had been wearing for a while with care, as you could see in the pictures, it is still in good shape. There are occasions which this bracelet was contacted with water but NOT submersed. All I did was to rub it with a soft cloth.

Regarding the fragrance, it could be on and off depending on the weather and your nose, however, if you really want to wake it up, store it in a fragrance-free glass bottle  for some days even weeks, or place it somewhere warmer but not too hot the scent would be restored again.



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December 02, 2016

Water will damage the beads

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