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Wedding Holy Ambience

August 26, 2015

Scent triggers memory (Dr. Mercola, 2015) as well as emotion (Rago, 2014), which have been used to create unique and consistent fragrance from hotels, making guests having memorable in staying with them. 

What if the fragrance is from God?, 

Yes, you read it right, fragrance from Wood of God: Agarwood.

Why was it called Wood of God? 

Because "God" Use them, Dr Paul Kan 2011

As the king of incense , agarwood is used as an offering by Buddhists, Taoists, Catholics, Christians and Islams.
1) Buddhism: It is stated in Chapter nineteen of The Lotus Sutra, “The Merits of Master Virtue” that the fragrance of agarwood can penetrate the three domains, which makes it an important offering. Pieces of agarwood o r agarwood powder is used in meditation, scripture chanting and other holy ceremonies. Agarwood is also used in making malas to be hung around necks and wrists. It is common for a Buddhist to hold a mala in his/her hand when reciting the scripture. Being warmed by body temperature, the agarwood mala would then release a fragrance that induces clarity and the peace of mind. It is also recorded in the Buddhist scripture that “one can cast away bad luck by burning the incense that sinks in water”.
2) Taoism: It advocates the natural law of “wu wei er zhi” (meaning Rule by Not Ruling) by Laozi and Zhuangzi. Agarwood is burned for meditation as well as when exorcism is being practised. The “smoky” scene is a representation of how the “qi” – energy – of heaven and earth is being unified. To practise the Taoist exercise for health, it is very common using agarwood to help awakening and enlightenment. When Zhang San-feng finished his work on earth and believed to have ascended to heaven, he was found disappearing from the cave leaving behind a pair of straw shoes and three pieces of agarwood.
3) Catholicism and Christianity: After Jesus was crucified, his body was covered with myrrh and agarwood. It was also an ancient Christian tradition for the bride and groom to plant an agarwood tree for their marriage. Agarwood is not only prestigious in Catholicism and Protestantism, but it is also used in the anointment ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church and some of the Protestant churches, not to mention its role in blessing, prayer, funerals, etc. The holy oil is made of olive oil, agarwood, myrrh and musk. Ministers would the nuse the holy oil to draw crosses on patients' foreheads and palms, so as to bless them with spiritual suppor t and peace, as well as to help them to ask for God's forgiveness of their sins. Catholics believe that such sacraments would bring miracle healing to faithful patients. In fact , the word “Christ” means the Saviour and Lord; but as it originated from the Greek word “Khris tós”, which bears the meaning of “the anointed one”.
4) Islam: Agarwood is used in celebratory ceremonies and prayers. It is also used by the Hui, the Uygur and the Kazakh to practise a cleansing ceremony for the deceased – to clean the body three times with agarwood oil.

For several years, we have been creating many memorable wedding experiences for newly-wed and their guests by our holy agarwood fragrance. As not burning the powder directly (agarwood powder was heated under an electric burner or infuser)  there would be NO smoke but the fragrance.  Under this method of heating, there would be very minimum burnt node and hence create a better experience for consumers. Please note, "smoke version" creates a different ambience, and different fragrance.


Our incense powder was made by ground cultivated agarwood. This practice had been seen in the past

Accorrding to Jehovah’s Witnesses 

" The Bible says that aloes were used to perfume garments and beds. (Psalm 45:8; Proverbs 7:17; Song of Solomon 4:14) The aloes of the Bible likely came from Agarwood (a species of Aquilaria). As the wood decays, it secretes fragrant oil and resin. The wood was ground into a powder, which was then sold as “aloes.”



This incense powder once heated, would emit a complex fragrance with different node, from quietness to warmness, sweet,spicy, floral. It is hard to describe in word until you experienced it.  

 You can experience it too. With 5g bottle, it would last you for a while as it takes only a tiny amount to put in the incense burner and it would linger for hours before completely untraceable. 


1) Bring for positive energy to you and surrounding people

2) Cast good fortune , bring good luck 

3) Create a memorable experience. Most importantly,in the future, whenever you smell this holy scent, all the sweet memories would flush back to you. 

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