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How to enjoy agarwood chip /oudh chip

September 29, 2015 1 min read

 1) Pre-heat the electric burner at 180 degree for 3 minutes

2) Cut the wood chips into small pieces, with high resin chip, you only need 1 piece to 3 pieces, slowly drop them into the burner

3) If you see the smoke comes from the chip, it would probably be too hot

4) The fragrance will emit slowly, fill your room full of oudh scent. In a quiet room, you would be able to "listen", strong, medium, empty node. The resin is vaporising constantly, soon after 4 minutes, the room is filled with this holy scent. In a rainy day, it warms my heart. Close your eyes, let your thought flow. 

5) Sweet, woodsy , spicy, sharp floral and then quiet. What an experience. The scent particles will attach to your clothes, hairs and skin. You could use oudh chips to literally cast this holy scent to your apparel by leaving the electric burner under your clothes-hanger.

What an experience !

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