Agarwood Powder: heating method: Litghted directly or heated by electric burner

October 04, 2015

For agarwood poweder, it would produce 2 different aromas if you heat them differently:

1) Light directly as an incense


Looking good with the lid close

Use a thin layer of ashes as base, and a bit of agarwood powder in a short straw (around 0.5g). Use chopstick to push the powder out and you would have a lovely cylinder shape incense to start

The aroma quickly releases and within 2 minutes, a small room will be filled. A light burning note is noticed.

2) Heat on an electric burner

1 small scoop (0.5g) of agarwood powder on the metal plate of the electric burner

Personally, I think this is a better method as the aroma last much longer, the scent contains minimum burn node, sweeter and warmer. Once all resin vapourise, the brownish colour will turn black, indicates it is time to change the powder.

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