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Using mica plate for wood chip heater

October 15, 2015 2 min read

Thin sheets of mica, a translucent silicate mineral,  for the purpose of heating - rather than burning, will improve agarwood chip scent as only the fragrance will vaporise NOT the wood. 


The image above show the chip with resin after 10 minutes of "heating" , by using the mica plate, it significantly increase the enjoyment time. The aroma is being slowly but constantly release. Strongly recommended.

You could even cut a short piece of incense stick and drop on this mica plate, smell slightly different to the way you light the incense directly. In addition, it also takes longer to completely "burn out". 

 Do not light wood chip directly as once the woodchip is on fire, it would release black smoke with acrid smell which would ruin your experience.

 Traditionally, bamboo charcoal have been used to heat agarwood chip. Don't get me wrong, this method works beautifully. However, there are some challenges:

  1. It takes at least 20 to 30 minutes to set up the charcoal by using butane flame for it scentless profile as if other fuel is used, the holy smell would be mixed with other and ruin the experience.
  2. Charcoal once light up will have a thin layer of ash, place the woodchips on it to use. Trouble is, the fire might be off any time if there is insufficient air to keep it up. On the other hands, the temperature might not be stable, resulting "under heat", making the fragrance less intense 

Seeing this, electric incense heater (or censers) is a better alternative. Quicker to heat and clean up. Easier to put away after using. Just my thought personally.. 

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