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October 18, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment

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  • Kyara, agarwood (aloeswood), sandalwood

Box was carefully wrapped. Upon on opening, I could sense a penetrating sweet scent with spice, so sweet that I could feel it in my throat.

I took one out, put in an incense holder and... light it. TIME STOPPED ! It felt like a genie out of an old bottle.

Slowly the sweet scent came up, stronger and warmer but not as sweet as without being lighted, feel like in an ancient temple, a sacred place.

Wait, there are more into it, you could smell sandalwood and some different spices which I do not know to be honest. It is quite uplifting with alertness in the same time. Like a symphony, this holy smoke started to feel my room with different note from extreme sweetness to quietness. In the end, I put the light off after 10 minutes of enjoyment and could still feel the fragrance lingering around after a few hours. In it raw form without burning, this Five Cloud stick is still emitting its fragrance, making a small corner of my room a special place.

This incense deserved its name as premium for its intensive but pleasant fragrance which not many could achieve that. Similar to perfume, it is one of a kind.

In the other hand I used to buy the following


 the "rare herbs", flowers, honey resin, and oils  claimed in this product might not be true. Without opening this package, it smells like cheap soap with chemical, a frangance oil instead of genuine ingredients.  There is no agarwood traces at all when burning. The "fragrance" is very pungent off.... but with chemical instead of agarwood, smell like armpit. I don't expect much on this as it reflects on its price $4 per package FREE SHIPPING (15 sticks) compared to $100 (9 sticks).  

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Bob H
Bob H

July 21, 2016

Very informative

Thank you

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