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How to revive agarwood beads scent

October 30, 2015 1 min read

Agarwood beads (bracelet or 108 mala beads) are worn by many people, either for religion practice or just a lucky charm for health. Quite often, after a while, the scent seem to be disappeared. 

The following method is suggested to apply with average beads only. As for extremely high quality, collectors might not want to even wear it. The best method to keep such value beads is to use glass bottle with Teflon-lined cap.

For medium quality bead, to restore the scent, you could simply place in a zip bag and put close to somewhere warm, above 30 degree for around 10 minutes



As you could see the the pictures, "steam" vaporised from the bracelets. Opening the zip bag allows the beads to dry up and in the same time, you could be able to smell the beautiful fragrance from the beads again.

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