1 year of age, experience the differences Oud oil

December 16, 2015 1 min read



Oud oil Agarwood oil

Quite often, to meet commercial demand, after distillation, agarwood oil is bottled, packed and shipped in a short period of time. Buyers could sometimes question the quality of it as it is not quite consistent, the scent is too sharp or not as what they experienced previously. 

Assuming the oil comes from the trust supplier, the main reason for its different scent profile from previous experience is usually the settlement time.

Agarwood oil was freshly distilled needed sometime to "cool down". If you experience this, and your supplier is trusted, open the cap of the vial or bottle, give it 2 days to settle, and the old favourite would come back.

From my experience, I keep aside this 24 ml bottle for 1 year now, the pungent note is dismissed compared to fresh distilled oil. It becomes smoother, sweeter and more enjoyable. Imagine this:

Image from ricklovesit.com

 oud smoke