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Christmas smoke, agarwood smoke

December 24, 2015 1 min read

To celebrate is special occasion, we put 2 woodchips (around 3g) in this charcoal, the temperature is a bit too high as smoke rose. Everyone felt this sensational scent in the house, it was extreme sweetness and became smooth after that. Please note this is not the correct way of enjoyment and it would consume your precious wood quickly. All you need is one piece of charcoal (we used more than 20 in this occasion as it was left after BBQ)
Strong, sweet, warm at first and constant warm spice. Due to the high heat, the whole house was cast with agarwood smoke, turning it into a Buddhist temple for 30 minutes. Amitabah !
Everyone was so excited. 
Oud chip before "BBQ", good resinous chip !
Traditionally, some monks often use agarwood wand to eliminate bad luck and attract good one for their clients in special occasion. These wands could be burn directly and blown off quickly to create smoke, casting on clothes/ people for religious purpose as
agarwood wand
Buddhists often deployagarwood for transmutation of ignorance.

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