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Cultivated and Wild Agarwood Buddha Statue

December 27, 2015 1 min read

Cultivated Agarwood Statue: Guan Yin Buddha

Agarwood statue

Wild Agarwood log used to create Guan Yin Buddha

These logs are all hand-made by Artisan, crafting with care. Made to order with cultivated wood log subject to availability. 

Please note: Those figures above are white, with some brown part. It does not look as good as it is "expected" to be. However,they are genuine agarwood (whether cultivated or wild). Some sellers claim they are selling genuine agarwood items, which look consistent, beautiful, and shiny wood. More often, they are black in colour. If they do not mention terms like pressure injected with oil, they are not telling the truth. It is fine to buy statue like that as long as buyers are aware. 



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