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December 28, 2015 2 min read 4 Comments

Quite often, unscrupulous sellers often claim "natural, original, sinking grade", buyers need to be aware all the time. Agarwood is infected part of Aquilaria tree, to obtain "sinking grade", it takes decades of infection; hence, most likely they are natural.

What makes agarwood sunk? What factors determine the agarwood price?

-the infected wood is known as resin

Without the resin, Aquilaria trees will be like others, have little commercial value. Today, I would like to discuss the agarwood cut to make beads. Generally speaking, the heavier the beads, the higher the cost and the more chance of it to sink. On average, the weight of a bracelet of 12 to 16 beads is anywhere between 15 g to 40 g. However, sometimes hunter could give you a rare piece of wood decayed from a dead infected Aquilaria tree. Fortunately, we have a chance to secure it and would like to show you:

agarwood log sinking

This piece of wood is heavily infected that almost contain no white wood left. As it is so small to make round beads, John, the agarwood bead maker decided to make random broken pieces instead of the ordinary sphere beads as it offers high spiritual value

broken agarwood pieces

After piecing together

Test if sunk?

Amazingly, it is the only 12g; such a tiny bracelet could sink despite its small weight. How could it be?

The secret here is ageing, the age of infection, and the amount of resinous part of this wood, the resin formed was heavier than water; hence it sinks well. This piece of wood does not come every day. It is sporadic.

You could see from raw material to finished product. There is no trick. If you are genuinely interested in this sinking quality bracelet, comment below and I will get back to you.

For your information, it is worth $2500 USD.

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or hereto learn: "how to identify genuine agarwood chips."

4 Responses


April 18, 2017

I need this out how much for kg


February 10, 2017

Hi, I am from Malaysia. I have a carving piece made from sinking agarwood pass to me by my late father. its size is about 10inches tall x 5inches wide. I wanted to look for appraiser to appraise my piece. Any one to recommend? Thanks in advance.


December 02, 2016

So sinking is expensive because of its resin? Interesting read


January 16, 2016

Im from Singapore.
I have sinking grade agarwood for sale.
Anyone interested?
Any enquiries can email me.

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