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Agarwood dust

January 05, 2016


agarwood dust

After sawing agarwood log to make beads or scrapping white wood out, or craving a statue, there are some dust, or powder which still can be used for scent enjoyment. It is not premium quality but not inferior either. Collect and pour these particles into an incense heater, and turn on

agarwood dust heater

Smell just as good: creamy, woody and warm. Perfect home made "air re-freshener" from a single ingredient Agarwood dust.

In a rainy day, it makes you feel cosy. A euphoric mood !

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January 06, 2016

Hi Tony, thank you for your order, I would include you a small woodchip samples as well as some agarwood powder !
The dust is not for sale sorry :) but the powder, as I heat them all


January 06, 2016

How much is the agarwood dust?

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