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Not all Liquid Gold is equal

January 18, 2016 1 min read

Why would you queue up for a restaurant? What makes people pay top dollar for "Fat duck"?

Its reputation, and credibility !

The images below speak for themselves

The resin is distributed unevenly. If Oud was distilled from this, you could not expect much anyway.

In contrast please see our cultivated woodchip which is much heavier infected, hence the quality offered. It take years to form this much resin !!!

Last but not least, here is there synthetic version which most (not all) designer used. I have tried it personally, instant headache, but impressively, a leathery and woodsy note could be detected. It does however not offer something complex like the genuine Oud does and certainly could not be worn on its own.

Price wise, not 100% sure but I was told it was around $1500 USD per litre compared to genuine oud, circa $15,000 USD 

An article from Perfume Shrine, explained in details and disclosed which designers use synthetic Oud including Tom Ford and Kilian. Click here


Indulge yourself with genuine one. Oud itself is an art ! Cultivated Oud is for sustainable future !




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