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Agarwood incense, a food for "nose"

January 26, 2016 1 min read

Agarwood incense, a good way to start a conversation. Scent is evocative, it triggers memory, creativity and imagination, bring you to somewhere familiar, somewhere antique, or even somewhere unreal. A food for "nose".

Several designer artists, programmers, coders light incense to increase their concentration, bringing more live to their office.

Similar to "crystal healing", agarwood incense has its own use: positive energy attraction, calm the nervous system which is very suitable for stressful environment (Wellbeing Australia)

In addition, agarwood incense could be used as a scent mediation compared to "Gong mediation" which is more about sound. Both could work very well depending on personal preference. 

agarwood incense


Planning to visit to your local Buddhist temple, this agarwood incense could also be very handy to you as in Buddhism, incense stands for ethics and morality, offers the key to enlightenment. If you worship your ancestors at home like many Asians do as part of their culture, incense is a spiritual way of communication between the life and death. Why does it have to be agarwood incense? As Buddha once said: it was the scent of Nirvana. 

Traditionally, agarwood incense is made without chemical but its resin and white wood as filler.There should not be any experiences with sharp, chemical alike scents but light, and pleasant, building up in time to our agarwood incense. Experience the differences.


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