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Agarwood woodchip: oil distillation, incenses, or beads?

February 22, 2016 1 min read

After using Kyarazen's Subtism heater, you would see the oil start coming out of this wood

Appearance: white, non-resinous wood  before heating, however it turns out this is quite a good piece of agarwood, contains good amount of oil.

The above woodchip by judging its look, does not contain a lot of resin but yellow oil vessel under a magnified glass,  will be good for oil distillation as the yielding would be higher. 

 The chip above is fully infected, containing high resin, suitable for incenses making, or simply heating on its own. You still can distill oil with this but with a lower yielding compared to the yellow piece of woodchip.

Why agarwood beads are more expensive than chips/ chunks?

To give you an idea, to make 1 kg of beads, it actually costs several hours of hand-made labour and an average of 8 kg of agarwood logs, the process of cutting, sawing, polishing, filing would turn agarwood logs to the complete product plus wastage (dust, powder). Hence beads are expensive

I have experienced in heating several fault beads and found their scent are not as good as woodchips. Beads are worn for spiritual and fashionable purpose and definitely NOT for scent enjoyment. Having said that, if you sniff close enough, the raw scent from beads would still be quite content.

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