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Bruneian agarwood: Why is it costly compared to others

February 25, 2016 1 min read

In an attempt to try Oud oil from Brunei, it is discovered that the cost of raw material (agarwood) is extremely high compared to others. About 70% of Brunei’s land area is forested, 70% of which are primary forests (FAO 2015). Many hunters risked their lives to hunt in the jungle despite getting wild Oud is illegal. To meet its high demand of agarwood, several cultivated agarwood plantation site have been set up. However, wild Bruneian Oud is very distinctive and many buyers would like to get their hand on.

The below chips are all sinking quality


Bruneian currency is very high, circa to Australia dollar, make it extremely costly to obtain high quality agarwood. Below are cone shape agarwood pieces obtained from the tip of tree branches. Recently, Chinese collectors ask for this particular part for brewing and drink as tea. Put them into boiling water, give several minutes steep and serve as beverage. Why cone? I do not know, and they would not bother explain to me in a scientific way. It is believed that the "tip" is where the nutrition goes, so drinking it would be beneficial.

 As  you could see, it is highly resinous, there is no white wood left. What to take a sniff or interested in these? Let me know your thought.

If you are in Bruneian agarwood business , you probably know this fellow below



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