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December 05, 2020 2 min read

Agarwood has been my brother specialty all his life.


In many years of growing and trading agarwood, my brother and I have seen many types of Agarwood.


When it comes to wild agarwood, he could identify the quality by tapping the wood against the floor and feeling them with his bare hand.


I was pretty impressed with that skill until he showed me how he cultivates our sustainable agarwood.


You see, usually, With most of the plants, the growers take good care of them. The growers fertilise their plants. They water their plants daily. They also protect their plants by the using of pesticides or grow their plants in a greenhouse. In short, they treat their plants well to receive high quality produces.


For example, oranges, mangoes, lime are bigger when giving the right fertiliser than no fertiliser at all.


It makes sense to protect and nurture your plants right. After all, these plants give you bigger, heavier, sweeter, more nutritious fruits. 


But there is a strange plant that if you care the way you care for other plants,the product is actually less in quantity and quality.


Do you know what plant it is?

You guess it right. That is the Aquilaria tree, the tree that produces Agarwood. 


What is so special about the way my brother grow his trees so he could get the juiciest and the most resinous agarwood that we could get?


Well, he told me he gave the trees “tough love” and he grows them in a “Hard Way”.

The result is phenomenon. We received many praises from our clients about our sustainable agarwood chips and oils

You can learn more here.

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