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The advantage of Ultrasonics Aroma diffuser and Agarwood Hydrosol

September 26, 2017

The ultrasonic diffuser does not hear or "cook" the solution (liquid form, either water or mixture of water and essential oil). but vapourise a fine cool mist. Please see the below image of a diffuser and agarwood hydrosol

The plastic square vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency.which ionises the solution (water and essential oil) into fine microparticles forming a stream of cool mist, blown out by a small internal fan next to the vibration square. Please see the illustration


Turn on


Fine Cool Mist was created


Close the lid and a stream of cool mist blown up:

You can apply a few drops of essential oil into this diffuser and experience a nice cool smell. 

Please note the very same essential oil smells differently when used in a candle diffuser which used heat instead of the ultrasonic mechanism.The aroma is more harsh and unpleasant due to the change of chemical properties by heat


One of the best ways to use Agarwood Hydrosol would be pouring it into the ultrasonic diffuser. After several minutes, you will experience a nice woody and floral scent from the solution.

If you want a stronger scent, feel free to add a few drop of agarwood oil. The smell is divine. Below are our ultrasonic diffuser





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