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Fraudulent order

June 15, 2016

Dear our valued customers

Thank you for your constant support, however, there are some occasions which we encounter scammers. We are writing this to expose one of these, help other sellers watch out

bendriss abdessamad
rue 47 n 10 oujeh arousse
50000 Meknes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nizar.andalos?fref=ts

This person use multiple credit cards, in this case, it was the very same last name which we got caught on as he said it would be for a gift.

A friendly reminder that if the credit card did not match the name and the address they are asking you to post to, question it and when in doubt, just cancel the order.

Occasionally, you would see something like:



The above are just some examples, there are many more. Very same patent, asking for credit card as a form of payment despite the fact that we do have payment gateway.

We could toy with them by just not worth the time. Eventually lthey will organise their own shipper who could only accept Western Union as a form of payment. Their excuses would be their location would be too far for our courier to reach. Really?

Watch out and stay alert !

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