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March 25, 2018

Agarwood incense

As per the previous article, agarwood incense could be served in a kung fu tea ceremony. 

A perfect way to start a conversation, or simply relax on your own, light it up and drink your tea. You do not need to sit too close to the incense because with the burning time of 20 minutes to half an hour, eventually, it will fill the whole tearoom or guest room.

With backflow cone incense,  It is quite interesting to watch the downflow smoke 

People said if backflow incense is usually low quality and scentless. This might be true in some cases, but with a right vendor, they could be good too.

Backflow #agarwood cone incense #backflowincense

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If you want something more intensive, the original agarwood chips could not go wrong

Agarwood is distinguished by its exclusive development – it can be compared with the spiritual maturation of the human self, according to East Asian notions. Within an environment of mould and decay, the originally odourless and hardly usable wood develops an aromatic character as an innate and eligible quality. The fragrance is recognised for its fine olfactory nuances, and its consumption has positive effects on the body and the mind  (DINAH JUNG, 2013 The Cultural Biography of Agarwood – Perfumery in Eastern Asia and the Asian Neighbourhood)

These oud chips could be heated under charcoal with a heat insulator mica plate or an electric incense heater

Businessmen and businesswomen, if you are looking for a gift for your Asian partners, agarwood incense will be greatly appreciated. 

Agarwood (Oud) Oil, Agarwood Hydrosol and aromatherapy diffuser

For those who do not like incense smoke, diffusing is a different way to enjoy this balsamic, sweet, woody scent. 

 2 options you can choose

How to diffuse: pour straight into the diffuser chamber below MAX level and turn the diffuser on, follow safety instructions. Standard diffuser's capacity or volume is between 100 ml up to 1 litre.

How to diffuse: instead of pouring hydrosol, use water instead.  As using essential oil, a tiny drop from pipette is sufficient. Within seconds, you could smell this wonderful scent and it lasts until the water run out. You can always refill the chamber of course.

Different oud oil when diffused will provide different experiences. If you want to share this experience with your friends or family members. Diffusing is the suitable method as it evens out the scent make it softer and more adoptable for someone who is new to oud. If you are an experienced user, you would be aware that some oud has a very strong character which can put someone off easily.


Isn't it fascinating to know, more than a decade of hard work, from planting a tree to eventuallydistill it, to capture its soul into this tiny vial

Agarwood oil, can also be applied on your sleeves or collar if you do not wish to apply on your skin (try a small dab to see if you have any allergy). Whenever you have a hand or head motion, the scent particles from where you applied the oil to will be released and you can smell them. 


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