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September 30, 2019 1 min read

Peter L mentioned, "Your incense smelt great, but the stick broke when I touched it". I am sure you have the same experience, especially the gentlemen who have big hands. 

A customer sent the below picture to us; he told us how great these agarwood incense were except its thin dimension. It was so fragile that when he touches, it breaks

However, he said burning these broken sticks were not that bad, just "annoying".

On the other hand,  a lady told us that she loves this design and the smell. The incense thinness does not bother her. 

We hear you, although our incenses are intentionally made this way for a longer burning time, it is quite delicate, and not everyone can handle it properly.

So thank you to a gentleman named T A, who suggested to develop a thicker incense without changing the scent, weight, and price.

Still 10g, but double the diameter 2mm instead of 1mm, the same burning time of 20 minutes.

If you use this to "smoke" your room, it will be faster slightly compared to the original 1mm option.


So if you are the one who asked for a "stronger" stick, here is your chance.

Original dimension 1mm

We double it to 2mm

Still 10g, the price remains unchanged. 

The thicker option is available now, per below. 







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