"I want the best agarwood oil/ chips/ incenses", "I want dark colour, sinking beads"

August 11, 2016 3 min read


Today, we received multiple calls which we are extremely grateful for. Thank you for trusting Grandawood Agarwood.

However, there are some funny request as this title suggested: " I want the best quality agarwood oil/ chips/ incenses". To save us from repeating ourselves, below are our responses (no offense anyone, purely explanation only):

  1. There is no best stuff as what you are comparing it (so-called best stuff) to? Please be specific. Not something like A grade, AAA grade, AAAA grade and AAAAAA grade. Here is the perfect analogy: "haha" is funny, "hahaha" is funnier, "hahahahaha" is funniest and "hahahahahahahahhahahahaha" means laugh until death. So please be specific, let us know your budget as we will not ripped you off, the price is clearly displayed on our web pages. Wild oil or cultivated oil.
  2. "I want your best incenses". We hear that a lot too, again please what your budget is. One of the finest incenses, Shoyeido Shokaku Translucent Path ($749.95 USD retail). When we mentioned it, the response was "are you kidding me?" or "why is it so expensive" and hang up....... sorry folk there is no cheap thing with best quality.  Please don't expect $1.95 for 10 genuine agarwood stick (no offence but no, it is not possible) 
  3.  This is the most popular one, "I want black beads or sinking bracelet with a price of $1000 max" . This "funny" request pops up all the times. To tell you the truth, we could not even get it at this price which varies all the time from our agarwood hunters. If you go on Etsy, do a quick search you would see its price range or ask your local retailer. What we could offer you is genuine quality but not the cheapest one. There are trick to meet your request such as "nailing lead into a bead or beads", " beads colouring" or "glueing multiple patches". However, we will not sell those. You will get what you paid for.   
  4. How much per litre? 15 years ago, when we received first querry from oversea tyre kicker like this, we were so excited but.... only 2 minutes. After providing a quote, he started to accuse us of being greedy and even threatened us to go out of business. He did not realise that he could reject us and go. No one force him to buy, he also could obtain multiple quotes and choose what he want. This story is not new, agarwood sellers have been facing these daily, We do not need you. Negotiation is yes but unreaonable price is no. Who are these guys, they are infrequent buyer who have illusion of power. What made it laughable was this usual request: "give me best price for your oil and I will buy 10ml".  "Well, it was on our webpage we have it discounted for this volume". "But I will buy 10 ml, it is a lot".????? we lost it !
  5. I want first grade chip: Here is a particular conversation
    • Tyre kicker (not really a customer when you see this sort of question): "show me your pictures of first grade chip"
    • Me: "sure, but may I know what your budget is as it varies from 5k to 40k USD"
    • Tyre kicker: " I am aware of that, I have been using it many times, just show me"
    • Me: showed pictures and a short video and price 
    • Tyre Kicker: no response
    • Me: "Are you there?"
  • Please  don't do that to us or any sellers, you are wasting your time and ours. Perhaps you want some pictures to show off that this is your stocks? We do not know but please do not act like you are the "top of the range"