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April 17, 2018 2 min read

Today discussion, it is about trick, stinginess, of so-called "Wholesaler" or oud entrepreneur. Get ready to have a laugh 


1) I will buy bulk


We received many phone calls, the above is quite typical

They thought that by saying: " I WILL BUY IN BULK, give me best price" we would be bending backwards to serve them. 

We also played a small game, eventually, they disappeared. Of course, someone like the above is VERY COMMON

2) Tyre Kicker

" Hi, I would like buy some oud but would like to sample first"

So confident that giving out the address? Sorry dude, at least offers to cover some postage, we might think again?

After the response email showing where the samples could be purchased, we never heard back from him.

Of course, if you are in Brisbane area, we are happy to serve you if you are genuine. No charge for testing. An appointment needs to be made

3) The entrepreneur but does not know what he wants, but free samples

Imagine, if we accept one of this type of request, we will be out of business in no times, everyone wants free sample without paying. 

From the above conversation, chances are he already asked multiple Oud vendors or Oud Grower and hopefully he could receive what he wanted. Best of luck!


4) Give me the best price, I will buy a lot

This usually over the phone conversation, when the " buyer" showed, we politely asked the quantity they are looking for? The answer was 100g. We thought we heard it wrong, it must have been 100kg. He then repeated 3 times, 100 g, g for George, for gram. Ok, we got it. 



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