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June 11, 2019 2 min read

According to López-Sampson and Page (2018), 

"The prophet Muhammad counsels men and women in the use of fragrance: men should bath and perfume themselves for the Friday sermon at the mosque; women may use perfume at their homes but not at the mosque; and men and women can perfume themselves during sexual intimacy (Thurkill ). It is known that the prophet Muhammad preferred the scent of aloes or a combination of aloes and camphor (Book 27 no. 5601) (Sahih Muslim ). The burning of incense in a mosque was practised by Umar the second caliph, which led to the practice becoming commonplace. There is no record of what was burnt, but it is believed that it was aloes by itself or combined with camphor (Ergin )." 

 You can use incense to cast scent in the prayer room

If you had the Middle East background, you would be very familiar Oud, the wood of God. You may grow up with it and it was even part of your life, part of your daily ritual

Life changes, you migrated to Australia and started a family here

You have been praying and passing your knowledge and wisdom to your children who were born here. You may even tell them about oud but do not have a chance to demonstrate it for them, especially with scent, it is so hard to put into words

Your colleagues, your friends who are in similar situations with you, you would like to bring back the memories that you have, that they have through smelling this holy scent.

You have been praying at home, at your local mosque and would like to use oud as part of your rituals to enhance your experience with the Prophet. As a matter of facts, we have met some of you who would like to share this evocative oud fragrance with their friends too

Imran, a local Brisbane gentleman (in Kuaraby) told us that it was a great experience to smell this long lost scent. He came to Brisbane 15 years ago and has not experienced this scent since then until he came into Grandawood recently. We are honored to assist him with his emotion. He told us that when he smelled these agarwood chips, it brought back his childhood experience, he remembered the time spent with his mother when he was in Oman

So salam Islamic brothers and sisters, if you want to gift these experiences, these wonderful memories back home, why don't we try these agarwood chips?Don't forget your mica plate to enhance the experience






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