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December 26, 2017 2 min read

 Below is the original finish of the agarwood 108 mala. 


An accident

It was accidentally left in a pocket which later washed in a washing machine for 1 hour with DETERGENT. Needless to say, wood does not like water and to make it worst, the detergent "peel" away the glossy looking

agarwood beads damaged faded by detergent

 From the above pictures, the mala look dead, just like dead coral. However, the agarwood smell is still strong. In fact, it was even stronger after being washed. This particular 108 mala is $3000 AUD worth and was made of high-quality agarwood. After the incident, we challenged ourselves this time to save this precious one. 

An acceptance to repair

 "It is what it is" we can't change the past. What happened already happened. Yes we wished we could turn back in time. Our heart sank when we opened the package

Surprisingly, after going through the ordeal, the agarwood scent from the mala is still present and very NOTICEABLE, despite the worn-out look. It is the inside that count: the resin content.

After receiving it from our customer, we dismantled the beads and ran them under bead making machine one by one to polish and revive the glossy look  per below

It is a time-consuming project but it is worth it for a  " damaged" masterpiece



There was a lot of oil from the guru bead, as you can see, the resin appeared and melted  again. The scent was so strong.

After hours and hours of buffing and spinning. We have successfully recovered this beautiful agarwood mala. The most difficult part was to apply the right force. Agarwood beads are extremely soft and easily cracked under pressure. In this case, we did not have a spare one. Ruin one bead means the whole necklace could be left damaged

One by one, each bead was polished with extreme care as there is no replacement. 


We  proudly represented the bead to our customer who is happy with its new look. Better yet, the scent is somehow  stronger than before

  What have we learnt from this incident?

Basic science, wood does not like water especially the finished product, agarwood beads make no exception.

Any water test may damage the beads, the longer, the more damaged caused. The expansion of water will crack the beads.

If you accidentally immerse your beads underwater, try to dry it immediately with a clean cloth

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