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Shelf life: Oud oil vs Perfume vs other essential oils

July 28, 2016

(Photo: Credit Australian Perfume Junkies)

If you are collecting perfume, the above image should be familiar. Perfume does have a shelf life, some will last longer than other. After a year or 2, you would experience a depreciation if it contains synthetic agent.Perfume made with essential oil last much longer (Scentiments.com). Keep it the fridge or avoid sunlight, stored in a dark dry cool place to prolong it shelf life

Have you actually used up your perfume before buying a new one? What would you do when you have a huge collection which does not fit your wardrobe? Sell them at lower price on eBay, Gumtree or get swapped in Facebook Group.

Generally, some essential oils have an estimated shelf life from three to six years (Lee Harris) but there is an exception: agarwood (oud or oudh) oil which has permanent expiry date if stored correctly given no contamination. Interestingly, its scent improves with age.

From a personal experience, we have a bottle of 2009 Evergreen oil, for who appreciates the barn yard note would not appreciate this 2009 version at this note disappear, replaced with something much sweeter and smoother.

However, one of our industry partner who has a batch of 2002 "Super Animalic" Oud oil which currently retails in Dubai at $85,000 per litre, said the Animalic is still as strong.  So strong that you would keep sniffing.

If you are looking for something unique, having a near permanent shelf life, oud oil is your choice. Something is worthwhile to keep. As you grower older, your pallet changes but in the same time, this scent would bring a lot of your memory back.

You only need a small dab in your sleeve when going to work which would keep you happy for a whole day. Tired? Take a sniff. Stress? Take another sniff to calm you down.

(Credit: photo by Kiet Vuong: Evergreen Forest Director)


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