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November 12, 2020 1 min read

On a hot summer day, a man named Peter (*) came to our office to try some agarwood chip. 

So my brother prepared a hot charcoal plate for him to try.

He was a buyer for a company in the Middle East and he was looking for something sweet, spicy and woody. 

He tried several, mainly our cultivated agarwood chip.

After 30 minutes of trying different agarwood chips, he asked for two extra pieces to show his partner at his place. My brother provided these two him gladly and sent him off.

If you were an agarwood trader, then you would know this was an excuse to "run away" without commitment. 

But this time, we were dead wrong


Two days later, he came back with a hundred kg order.

The agarwood chip he picked is here. The chip has a hollow body. Its aroma is deep, sweet and spicy. 

Unlike other young and immature agarwood chips (people called it grade B, and C), the fragrance of this chip is ripe, deep woody. You can enjoy it alone

and if you grind these chips to make incense, you may make one of best incense in your life.

We named this chip Emptiness. You can read more here


(*) (due to privacy, we used pseudonym, Peter is not his real name ) 

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