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March 16, 2019 1 min read

Source: Gattis 2011

Hamburg perfumer Kim Weisswange received a call from the Palace to create two perfumes for the Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton  (Hall and Liydall 2011)


Have you wondered what the 90 ingredients were?

Of course, it was top-secret but from the below, there were some main notes revealed 

"The scents are appropriately named William and Catherine and come in respectively sleek black and whiteatomisers.

Prince William's scent is a combination of Norfolk lavender and agarwood, with the top-note affected by bergamot.

"It is dynamic and clear, a sporty and direct fragrance," says Weisswange.

Kate's is a softer rose and magnolia perfume with the rose essence used in memory of Princess Diana"  (Tobin and Jenny (2011), DPA Berlin)

Do you want to create a memorable wedding scent too? We have access to some Australian Perfumers who are happy to create this for you using our agarwood oil.

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