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Why are agarwood incenses/ Oil more expensive than others ?

February 14, 2017 1 min read 1 Comment

First of all, it is a painstaking process, it takes 7 years to plan the tree before an additon of 2 years of inoculation, during which some may die immaturely.

In addition, it requires a solid time investment before harvesting, and during that time, there is no return for owner but outgoings expense such as electricity, water, labour, pest control, landtax, and local council just to name a few.

Don't believe us? Check Westcorp Australia, they have been plannning agarwood since 2002. At this point in time, 14/02/2017, the final product is not ready.

Unfortunately, with current technology, only between 5% to 10% of cultivated tree contains agarwood. To make even more difficult, on average, to product 1 litre of pure Oud oil, it requires 1000 kg of agarwood (contains minimum white wood, mainly infected part only). Please note this figure may vary as it depends on distillation technique 


 Scrapping the white wood out, leaving the resinous part only

Grinding into powder, get ready for agarwood oil distillation or incense making


Oil was then kept in pot to settle.

or dry agarwood powder to make incense


If you  have not tried genuine agarwood incense before, please do so as it would be a very unique experience like no other. It will not be as strong as the fragrant oil incense, but steady and pleasant woody experience.  

As you could appreciate, it is labour intensive although we do have machine to assist in finishing the product.



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Mehbub Alom
Mehbub Alom

February 23, 2022

I am a Garwood bunsses man

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