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June 16, 2017 1 min read

Let's started with our cultivated agarwood first

As you are all aware, it is the resinous or infected part that counts. Unfortunately, quite often it is just 10% of the body of Aquilaria tree got infected, in this case. 

Aquilaria is non-timber wood because it is extremely soft. Too soft that if you pressed your fingernail against the wood, a mark would be created. Nevertheless, it is known for agarwood-producing species, the renown scent of heaven are made from the infected part per below. 

This infected part will be carved further to produce cultivated agarwood chips or incenses

Some of them would be pulverised and immersed in water for several days for oil distillation. With our crafmanship, this woody, dried fruit non-barnyard cultivated oil is distilled:



Wild Agarwood

As wild oud are often much older than cultivated one, there is hardly any whitewood but brown instead

Once the white woods are carved off, leaving the beautiful, resinous part inside, the solid large part will be the material for agarwood decor carving

Please see the below sold 22g excellent with excellent resin wild agarwood bracelet



And Agarwood Happy Buddha Car Hanger


The infected thinner and softer parts which are too difficult to craft will be made as agarwood chips instead. The below are first class agarwood chips which are labelled
"super grade" locally

For your information, Oil distilled from these chips are above $80,000 USD per litre

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