Agarwood (Oud) Essential Oil Sample Kit- To people who want to smell genuine Oud but can't get started

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Why you are here?

Let me guess: you have just landed at this page for the following reasons
  • You probably heard of oud (agarwood) before, but have not tried it. Curiosity has led you to this page.


  • You have tried oud before but unsure what you tried were genuine.


  • You have seen the word "Oud", "agarwood", "aloeswood" as an ingredient in mainstream perfume, skincare products. You have been wondering what it smells like, alone, in essential raw form. You want to isolate oud oil alone without any blending. You want 100% Oud Oil.


  • You started searching online and found a big difference in price between vendors. You don't want to commit to the unknown. What if this item is not genuine? What if this seller cheated me? A lot of what if.
  • After a bit of research, you are looking for 100% pure and genuine agarwood oil from a sustainable source? What if we told you that we had an agarwood plantation that is enough to use forever (we re-plant after harvesting).


  • Would you like to try different Agarwood (Oud) oils as there are many versions on the market? From fresh floral, herbal medicinal, vanillic to the barnyard, animalic.


  • You a perfumer looking for oud oil to craft your blend and unsure what to choose? Or


  •  Simply, you just want to know what genuine oud smells like


Congratulations, you found the right place. Feel overwhelmed? Don't worry; we got you covered. 

Let's start with a testimonial from  Gwendoline Ford  Australian College of Aromatherapy. 





Agarwood is also known in many different names: Aloeswood, Lignum Aloes, Oriental Lignaloes, Xylaloes, Eaglewood, Calambak (used in Cambodia) Lignum Rhodium. One of the most valuable of all perfume ingredients. Agarwood is the aromatic, resinous wood from the Thymelaeaceae species (Aquilaria Agollocha, also A. Malaccensis A. Crassna), native to South East Asia. Agarwood oil is either water or steam-distilled from the pulverised agarwood.

Organic/ Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud) Sample kit 0.1 ml  or  0.5 ml( for aroma enjoyment) includes six (6) different oils 

Saving tips: 0.5 ml option which is 5 times more than 0.1 ml but it only costs around 2 times more


What is in it for me?

 After trying these 6 hydro/steam distillation ouds,

  • You will have a basic understanding of what oud essential oil smells like. You will understand the reason behind the name: Wood of God (mentioned in the Holy Bible, the Quran, the Buddhist Scripture, the Vedas)


  • You will what you like most. Oud oil's scent profile varies from species, agarwood plantation, method of distillation, and the skill of the distiller. By having this sample set, you will know your preference.


  • If you are a perfumer, aromatherapist, you would appreciate these samples even more. No one knows your customers better than you do and the smell which could offend someone might be the most beautiful scent to others.


  • You will save your time and money. You can buy more than 6 samples at one place, and you need to pay postage once. You don't have to manage multiple shipping from different suppliers. We will take care of the logistics for you.


Wild Oil Sample kit 0.1 ml or 0.5 ml, including five different oils, 1 sample for each:



As these Oud are distilled from wild agarwood. It means it would be challenging to get the same oil again. For that reason, the sample list above will be changed when we sold out of any oil. They are rare and one of a kind.


To Middle East countries, our oud oil does not have the decomposition note. If you are after a big order and what to try a small amount, here is the best blind buy with low risk. Choose Option 0.5 ml for value and quality.

Please see the below review from Julie Nelson Artisan Perfumer Scent Stylist Scent Branding for Business Aromatherapy Consultant which should give you what to expect.



Sample. It should be free, shouldn't it?

Dear friend

Some people when they see the word "sample",  they associated it with another word. That word is "FREE"


And I agree


because I thought the same. However, in reality, I am unable to offer these oils "FREE" for you. 

Let me explain



It takes at least 10 years to grow these Aquilaria trees. Once these trees mature, it takes an additional of 2 years to form agarwood. After forming agarwood, it takes hundreds of hours of preparation and distillation to get these ouds to you



 In these 12 years, we receive nothing financially. We even have out of the pocket expense such as

  • Land tax, water, electricity, fuel, security guard, management, maintenance and labours.

I can get an accountant to give you a full list. But again, he may charge us too for his time, which is calculated hourly.

I would like you to think of the below scenario too

What if some of these trees were dead, or someone stole the trees (it happened at night, many occasions), of course, that would be our loss.

Have you ever had a broken pipe? Our irrigation system contains may pipes. Sometimes, these pipes are punctured by the tree roots. That is another serious cost to fix right there.

If you are a plumber, would you fix this for me, Free of Charge?

Or if you are a customer, would you pay the plumber a fee to get this issue fixed?

Why I am telling you this?

Up till today, we have been receiving multiple requests for FREE samples. 

And for the above reasons,

I hope you understand why we are not able to offer these oils FREE to you.

I thank you for your understanding.


I do not promise that you would like the smell of these oils.

I do not promise that you could successfully blend perfume out of it.

I do not promise that these oils meet your expectations. 

In fact,

You may even hate it because it is unfamiliar to you or its strength was too strong.


If you are thinking about buying this set and refund later when you don't like it, I strongly encourage you NOT to go ahead. 




It will get ugly later on and it is no good for both of us.



What I can promise you are these genuine, sustainable agarwood oils.

The scent profile was complexed that many perfumers and aromatherapists love it.

If you are open mind and want to try, I would welcome you to give these a go.


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    DAVID D.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Oud Oils are Awesome

    These are wonderful oils and a great way to help with the understanding of the varieties of oud oils

    Charles V.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    Sample Kit

    as there is a significant difference in each, one, time will tell

    Alexander C.
    Ireland Ireland
    I recommend this product
    Sample Kit

    I have many essential oils, some exoteric and some esoteric and been utilizing them for over 20 years. I have also purchased some Agarwood in the past from another seller. If one is interested in perfumery then these oils may be of some use as base notes in an accord, if one is an aromatherapist or someone just curious by all means try them out but know this, you might never open these veils up again, except to assault your enemies sense of olfactory pride. I would class the six into three pairs of two as some are fairly close to one another in terms of their scent profile. I have to say they all have some barnyard to one degree or another. The least barnyard was floral superior which opens up fairly funky but dries down into a burnt tar like resin, after the harsh opening there are notes of berries, wood, hay, straw and soil. The rest of the veils just get more funky from there with quite a bit of methane coming through. You would want to know your craft to tone down these bad boys, I used some Palma Rosa oil on the very funky 'sweet herbal spice.' They do give a very big Lower frequency base note lift to any accord or blend. The following are some words describing what they generally evoked for me; Brown, Hot, Spice, Tar, Pungent, Dark, Soil, Mold, Green, Rot, Micro-organisms, Decay, Wood, Berries, Raw, Ancient, Wet Hay, Camphor, Warm Silage, Renin, Burnt Wood, Cloying, Grass, Heady, Existential, Funk, Sweet, Pong, Cedarwood, Green Grass, Labdanum, Strong, Dirty, Root, Stale, Straw, Barnyard, Resin, Wooden Vat, Old, Unrefined, Animal Bedding, Dry Vinegar, Medicinal, extra-terrestrial flower, Vetiver, Fundamental, Earth etc...They go more in the direction of Barnyard which I have come to associate with Hindi Oud, if that is your buzz then go for it. Am I happy? I am satisfied enough with the product I paid for. Recommended for perfumers, existentialists and those who need to make stink bombs.

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia Agarwood (Oud) Essential Oil Sample Kit- To people who want to smell genuine Oud but can't get started Review
    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

    Hi Alex, very detailed review. Thank you very much !

    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    Scent of my memories.

    Ever since I first smelled OUD in India, I've been looking for scents that capture that unique Agarwood bliss. After nearly 20 years I found it, and the fact that it is a local and sustainable source is truely a blessing. Although the oils didn't have the decomposition notes I was looking for and have a strong animalic notes, it it still is a joy and a treasure I've found and can't wait to purchase more! Thank you for this, it is truely a treasure!

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia Agarwood (Oud) Essential Oil Sample Kit- To people who want to smell genuine Oud but can't get started Review
    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

    Hi Ahmed, Congratulation on finding what you are looking for. Just to let you know how delighted I am to learn that you like these oil, I read your reviews three times. Thank you

    Marwa A.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    Firstly i didn't like the scent

    As for me wasn't happy originally. But as I mixed it with other oils it gave me the wonderful smell of oud ..Trent was a great help and wonderfully advising me as a beginner with perfume mix I'm very happy and will use their oud oils for future...