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"Kalimantan: With great resemblance to Wild Taran, Kalimantan is immediately smoother in both its woody profile and the way it is perceived overall on the nose. Kalimantan is a malted oud, with pleasant mellow echoes redolent of a soft Islay single malt Scotch. Notes of banana skin, blackberries, and orange zest offer sufficient departure from the woodiness of Wild Taran."

(Source: Written by Liam Sardea at Olfactics)

Beautiful bright gold liquid oil and very much like Taran oil with rich woodsy aroma profile, oil from Kalimantan Agarwood is smoother, sweeter and more floral compared to deep warmth from spices  of Taran oil.  When applied neatly on skin, the sweet woodsy note will be fully developed and be careful, a little dab is all you need !

The aroma profile is not as complicated as Merauke or Borneo, but if you are in love with wood essential oils, then you may want to try our Kalimantan agarwood oil as it will bring you a whole different experience. 

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    Armand H.
    Wild Kalimantan Agarwood Oil

    This one's a keeper. Aromas of leather and lots of earthy smells to this oil. I found a small dab helps rather than a lot and the aroma does develop into a sweet, earthy smell. Definitely a man's choice when dabbed near the neck area, not to faint, not to strong as to be overwhelming and I think sneaky when you least expect it. A different choice other than the commercial products sold on shelves. I found the small vial enough for my purposes and lasts for hours after working all day. The aroma eases nicely into the evening as you head off home. Not the least disappointed as I sit back with a nice hot cup of coffee. The two aromas compliment each other as does a glass of Grand Marnier... Cheers to another great OUD oil.

    Merzig, Germany
    What a grace of nature!

    Hello Agarians Thanx a lot for all this wonderful, inspiring, intense, kaleidoscopic oils. This Kalimantan is my absolute fave whit its deep soulwarming scent.

    john .
    subtle and beautiful

    this oil offers smooth and beautiful woody. Unlike other oils, its scent is simple but pleasant all the way. If you want something light and elegant, this one is for you. Want something stronger? Try Smooth Oud Thai ! Thannk you for your service

    Jay M.
    Sweet Honey Wood and a hint of flower

    very good ! Nice aroma suitable for ladies and men !

    Abu S.

    Very nice, woody smell, put in my handcuff and last for days long. Mr Woody :) nice oil