Specialty 100% Pure Merauke Wild Dark Agarwood (Oud) Oil - Steam Distillation from Decent Resinous Agarwood

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"Dark Wild Merauke: An intense umami hit of pepper, leather, rubber, roasted red meats, and a suggestion of salty vegemite – this variant is a calm oud, with a pleasantly vertical static quality: like standing still and letting the busy world go by. A soft, solitary, and masculine oud – with a concentrated intensity. Delightfully reflective, moving onto notes of cut grass and green meeting black."

-Liam Sardea- Olfatics.net-

This oil was distilled from agarwood from Merauke region: wild summer flower, minty and woodsy. Extremely wearable and pleasant scent, quite masculine.

Perfect to dab behind your ear, around your neck or your wrist, last circa for 24 hours on clothes and 5 hours on skin. With its calming effect, you would be blessed all days with this oil.

Whenever you do meditation, this would bring a calming scent to you. As its long lasting properties and beautiful aroma, let this carry you away to your own world. Be your own, (smell) like no others with this 100% pure genuine Oud oil.

This is not something you could buy off Amazon or eBay for a few dollar and even for its raw material, it takes years to form plus days to distill and monitor with care and passion.


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    Pure Merauke Wild Dark Agarwood (Oud) Oil

    Having used the product for a week, I really loved the smell and how 'secretive' I chose to make it. I could have shared the wonderful aroma on my skin with others or kept it personal, which I chose to do. Every time I smelt the aroma of the oil, I smiled to myself because this was a purchase specially for me, no mass produced, synthetic stuff off the shelves. I went with the best and I was not disappointed. It went on strong, but in time along time for me, the aorma settled down to something like the smell of burnt rubber and a hint of leather. Each time I moved for one reason or another, the aroma caught me. I did have one thing, though that I thought I'd try....TOO much on the skin and it's just a little too powerful. When the description says just a dab, they mean it. There is plenty of the liquid gold to keep you smelling the best for almost the entire day and just before going to bed, provided you drop one drop on the skin. I carry a handkerchief with me and place a few drops on the material. When I need to blow my node, I'm instantly whiffing up some of the glorius aroma. This is one for your collection of many from this amazing site. Thank you for all you do and have done in getting this amazing scent to our shores and into our lives. Go getcha self some.

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

    Thank you, sir, for your encouraging world. It made our day!

    Daniel .
    Similar Artisanal Oudh Sense

    No idea, the Sense of this Oudh is get closer than the World Famous Artisanal Oudh Sense!!! At least got two different Artisanal Dark Marouke Oudh Combination Sense. And for the price, it is steal!! Well done!!

    "mushroom" rainforest, woody

    Masculine, I like it on the first try. Beautiful Rainforest with mushroom scent. Very special oil!

    Charles M.
    Strongly recommended

    used this to mix with my beard oil and I smelled this very day. Thank you

    Sue S.
    5 stars

    it is one of a kind, very masculine, my husband said YES YES, thank you