Zz-Sold out-Zz Specialty 100% Pure Super Woody Scent Taran Wild Agarwood (Oud) Oil - Steam Distillation Good Resinous Agarwood

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-Sold Out- 2014

If you like a super woody smell, you are in the right place. This oud oil offers sweet, tropical fruit, warm woody, extremely pleasant and very suitable for someone who has not tried Oud Oil before. Completely different scent profile with others, this is a perfume of its self, a golden liquid. Carefully crafted by our experienced distillers, this oil would make you stand out of the crown. You would keep coming back to sniff more

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    Most would probably prefer the Merauke Dark oil more strong "oudier" scent, but this oil is good if you need more than one type or use it in a different setting. It is a milder oil with no sharp scent, good for someone who hasnt tried oil before, odor, would be 3 distinct qualities, first would be referred as the woody smell Second is what i can best put into words as: Smelling several flowers all at once on a super bright day. The 3rd is something not a easily definable thing but it defiantly seems to be connected mostly to the flower smell and also the woody smell and seems to make it easier to articulate both smells together in a harmonious way.