ZZ-SOLD OUT-ZZ--Wild Borneo Supreme - Wild Oud Oil - Steam distillation

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"Supreme Borneo: An absolute delight, this oud maintains an incredibly pleasant profile of luscious berries and similar. Blackberries, sweet green grapes, warm patchouli crossed with dark chocolate, and more dried fruits with a combination of arid, vintage spices: clove, allspice, cinnamon. Overall a delightful impression of sticky sweet jams with minimal oud funk and sprinklings of leather, camphor, and old varnished wood furniture. A considerably beautiful extraction of the note."

(Source: Written by Liam Sardea at Olfactics)


This is truly a gift from mother of nature.

Carefully crafted by our distiller with 100% pure incense grade, half sinking Apo Kayan Borneo Agarwood, this would offer you a stunning experience. With minimum barnyard, almost undetectable, the sweetness scent could be felt once the cap open followed by strong a woody, antique and oriental scent. Very unique and truly one of a kind of oil which would crowd most of the oil you have experienced.

borneo oil

After distillation, this oil was "cooked" under the sun for more than 2 weeks before completion to achieve the sweetness of dried fruit smell. The weight of this super fine oil is nearly double compared to other wild oil in our collection. The scent is so intensive, the experience is unforgettable.

Gentlemen, if you grow beard, try to blend this oil with your beard oil, you have just created a super unique blend just for you. As oud oil last for hours, you would smell good for a day. 

If you are in Brisbane area, please give me a call, come to my place as I would be more than happy to let you take a sniff of this holy oil and of course with others :)

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Customer Reviews
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    Tony H.
    second to one !

    Unbelievableeeeeeeeeeeeeee Very good, honey dried fruit smell

    Thomas J.
    Super thick, rich, oil

    Once you tried this, you won't buy the rest as it is very intensive, extremely rich. So rich, smell sweeter than honey with a noble woody scent. and yeahhhhhh dried fruit !!!!!!!!!!!


    I have one word. Wonderful. Very rich in scent profile, a bit strange at first sniff but it is super sweet, ripe fruit. Very enjoyable.

    Above the rest

    This Oil is one of the finest, the price is not only a reflection of rarity but also to the value and quality of the accurately described scent. Anyone who can afford the price and can value Agarwood in its highest form, my advise would be to go for this one, no real need for the others if you have this. The nature and scent of this Borneo oil feels ascended and more pure, in a way Hence the minimum barnyard description is trying to articulate. Also a reason that this oil is appealing to the lower price ones, is one can use less and also be more aware of its presence because it is more enjoyable scent. It is hard to forget this is on you, most of the other oils you can forget about it if your doing something until you brush against it, with the Borneo you don't have to be thinking about it but you feel aware of it on you partly because of its worth, but mostly its rich scent is inviting. Overall if your looking for a oil that's to your liking dont discount this one because your getting about 3 times less per amount but it makes up for that in its quality and more refined and enjoyable scent. So its about the same value as the other wild oils, because The Borneo is at least Equative in overall worth than a larger volume of another oil. Dark wild merauke might be more bang for the buck, i recommend either This Borneo or wild dark merauke as first choice before trying another. My favorite oil,