Oud Perfume Teone Reinthal Zeeba - a divine blend of Mysore Sandalwood, Oud and Taif Rose


Dear friend

If rose and wood are what you like to smell, then I have something special for you.

Introduce Zeeba - a flawless blend  Taif rose, Mysore Sandalwood and Oud.

Made from the above exquisite and top-of-the-range ingredients: Taif Rose, Mysore Sandalwood, Saffron, Lotus, Jasmine, and  Oud (Grandawood Herbal Spice Oud)

"I firmly believe it’s the rare, magical harvests that come along once in a lifetime that leave behind a glow of happiness. It is a glow that endures; filigreed through many amazing memories and encounters. This is one of those treasures. Unisex."

Made by: Teone Reinthal

You asked, and we listened. Surely our Oud Spirit - Glory of The Pain  is great; however, we are challenged if we can create something using essential oil with no synthetic compound. It was not an easy task

The timing was perfect when Teone, a natural perfumer, contacted us for this project which we are both exhilarated

Introduce it to you: -- Zeeba --The first collaboration of Teone Reinthal and Grandawood, and agarwood (oud) perfume using high-quality essential oil with no synthetic ingredient, giving you an opulent feeling.

If you love rose, sandalwood and agarwood, you will love this perfume. Better yet, this IS not composed using aromatic or synthetic compound but the genuine premium essential oil.

This will definitely put a smile to your face.

International customers, especially one from Singapore, UK and US, we have an oil version for you instead of Eau de Parfum (alcohol). This oil base is made from scentless fractionated coconut oil which prolongs the perfume life.

For us, the outstanding feature of this perfume is the oud note.  And this perfume is a game-changer.

Have you found that it is a challenge to detect oud note in a perfume? However, with the right skill and ingredient, oud note can be augmented, and  a BIG YES IN THIS CASE, you will be surprised, how prominent the oud note is. A flawless blend! 

Teone has made this possible

This natural oud perfume will turn heads whoever you met

Still not convinced? See below review

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