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Imagine this...

How do you feel when you drive around the countryside? Have you breathed in and felt the cool breeze carrying all sort of scents?

You drive past a farm with many cattle, again you breathed in, noticed any different?

One time, a friend sat next to me asked? "Why this sh!t smell so good?"

It was the manure that the farmer spread to fertilise their land; it could be hay that fed them or a mix of both. Regardless, the smell went on air, and this particular smell is called barnyard. Some people love it; others don't.

Why am I telling you this?


Because this is one of the characters of this oil, and it can be controversial.  Some customers told me that "I washed their hand ten times with soap and the smell was still on, I couldn't get rid of it". 

Then occasionally, many people loved it. One of the feedback I received from a gentleman living in Holland Park, told me: 

"it was so great; I used it on my prayer mat. Every time I prayed, I dabbed it on my clothes and my mat. I felt a good connection with God."

This  Cultivated Oil is hydro-distilled in copper pots.


This oil is NOT for someone relatively new to oud as he/she would not last for 5 seconds.

However, if you are from the Middle East and you love something "fermented", you know what we are talking about, this oil is for you.  

Or if you were living in the countryside, you loved the cattle and the smell of manure which were very different from dogs and cats; you might like this oil.

Rich, intense and addictive if you got hooked on our Sacred Prayer oil,  you would love this because it is financially and environmentally friendly. Designing for middle east clients who demand thick, dark woodsy aromatic oud oil and yes, they have a long history of oud using. 

This oil was “brewed” (cured)  in control from 1-week soaked pulverised cultivated agarwood. This process gave it the first stinky (known as creamy barnyard, as many customers described it)  but addictive top note, an excellent smooth animalic. Approximately 3 minutes after, the "stink" note dried up, leaving the strangely addictive woody ouddy.

Compared to Sacred Prayer, the animalic will smoothly transit to a crisp, sweet woodsy note with a hint of floral when applied on the skin. Not too offensive, it is exceptionally well balanced, and the animalic accord gives a fantastic and so addictive result. 


One sniff becomes two, and two becomes three, and later, everyone in a prayer room is using it” Ibrahim, a Kuwaiti client.

Very stimulating, mind triggering Oud oil from the border of Thai and Laos Agarwood Plantation.


Future sustainable agarwood source, currently over 150,000 wounded Aquilaira trees from our partner in Thailand and Laos,  enough supply for 20 years ++

Please contact us for wholesale details.

Perfumerists are welcome!

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    Spain Spain
    I recommend this product

    tipo aquilaria y origen

    Hoy he recibo una muestra de este aceite, que me ha agradado mucho. pero en la reseña no aparece el tipo de aquilaria que es (¿agalocha, crassna, malecensis...?) ni el lugar de origen (Thailandia, Camboya, India, Vietnan? Podéis decírmelo? Gracias

    Daniel E.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Caught me off guard, in a good way

    I'm new to the whole "barn" oud experience. My initial impression of this oil was definitely farm like, but not fecal or cheesey. After a second swipe I'm already in love. This oud opens a little loud but quickly calms down and brings all sorts of scents to my nose. Molasses, toffee, old wood, burning sugar, leather and at the very end an almost green/camphor note that I really enjoy. Nice longevity on the skin, clothing is even better. Great oil for the price.

    Daniel E. verified customer review of 100% PURE CULTIVATED AGARWOOD OIL (OUD) SPECIALTY- The Middle Easterner
    Teone R.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Beautiful products

    I just love the tart leathery quality of Grandawood’s oud. The maltiness of aged single malt whiskey with the gorgeous leatheriness.

    A Grandawood- Agarwood Australia Customer
    Mikhael E.

    Just exquisite

    I have found that this scent has lasted longer than some of the other ouds. It is very, very enticing and wonderful for meditation.

    Mikhael E. verified customer review of 100% PURE CULTIVATED AGARWOOD OIL (OUD) SPECIALTY- The Middle Easterner
    Adam .
    United States

    stink but nice

    Incredible, stink first but sweet later, Not recommend for someone new to oud oil. Very woody and last long time. 5 stars