Shoyeido Premium Agarwood Incense: Five Clouds Go-Un

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Really? This is a ridiculous price at $15 AUD per stick. Why?

This incense contains 

  • Kyara, agarwood (aloeswood), sandalwood

Kyara or Ki nam is extremely rare, is a tiny subset within aloeswoods, .The only tree which Ky nam could be found is the wounded Aquilaria Crassna, available in Vietnam. It takes century (hundreds of years) o to form

In room temperature, you could smell the sweetness of the above ingredients which is so sweet that you could feel it under your throat once this incense burn. 

For the fullness of its "flavour", your clothes might be coated from its agarwood aura which will be lingering for days, not hours.


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    All the Shyeido Premiums are amazing!

    I refer incense lovers to the web blog, "Olfactory Rescue Service" , for expert reviews of this range of incenses. All i can say is how wonderful they are, complex and rich, the highest excellence in the incense making art. These are incenses to be savored, they are not for the casual moment so much. The prices of the Shoyeido Premium range at the Grandawood-Agarwood store is the most competitive in the world, these rare incenses are worth every cent!