*NEW* Malaysian Wild Agarwood bracelet 17mm- 21.56g - one piece only-

Did you know a male average wrist size is around 18 cm?

If you don't have a round measuring tape, here is a simple way to do

1) Get a string

2) Wrap it around your wrist, try to wrap as close as possible

3) Once you finished, straight out the string and measure it with your ruler. If you don't have a ruler, .... well, borrow it from your child :) 

Congratulation, you now know your wrist size


Gentlemen with a larger wrist size (18cm to 19cm) will be the fit for this bracelet

Dark texture, good grain (resin), with the sweet woody smell, this would be a simple but elegant piece of bracelet for you to wear

However, don't worry, we can custom this by taking one bead off if your wrist is smaller but you love this bracelet. Obviously, the one taken off will be provided to you. 

Origin: Malaysia

Size: 17mm, 14 beads

Weight 21.56g

Aroma: Rich woody and sweet

If you worry about fake agarwood beads, this bracelet will serve you right. Classic agarwood pattern is similar to Oud woodchips. It is difficult to go wrong