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Scent of Enlightenment II- The Crimson Flower Nectar II-Wild Agarwood- Steam Distillation

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Dear friend

You probably have sat on one of these before. Have you remembered the feeling?

You will feel the crips leather with peppery in this oud.  Just like the feeling sitting on the above sofa. 
To achieve this leathery aroma, the distiller pulverised the wood and soak them with spring water for 14 days
To avoid the decomposed notes, the distiller changes the water once before "cooking" them. 
Once you apply this oil , you will feel it is smooth. It's smoothness is from the aging:24 months.


Unlike many true fecal Oud, that claimed leathery on the market, this oil does not smell "poop"

So don't worry, you won't feel the "fecal" smell in this oil but the leathery note only. The notes that you found in high-class leather sofa. The addicted clean leathery that you are looking for.  You know what I am talking about right? :)


First feeling on skin: slightly smokey, peppery, leathery, dried fruit and non-barnyard, you will like this oud if you like leather furniture and/or apparel.

After thirty minutes, incense scent (the sweet woody note that you burn chip)  arises and the base is woody oriental, classic oud.

 A good  Oud oil to compliment your leather jacket, go well in winter.

Customer Reviews
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    I recommend this product
    Leather in a whole new way!

    They really nailed it with the description on this one! Most oils that claim they have notes of leather open with heavy barnyard and cheese notes. NOT THIS ONE! This is the first oud I have worn that truly has notes of a fine leather jacket. So awesome

    • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? Yes
    • What do you like? Leather Notes
    • Anything that you don't like? No
    Lavinia K.
    France France

    A honeyed, flowery oud. Pure heaven.

    Scott C.
    Australia Australia
    This is a winner

    this is different from the first one, in my opinion not as sweet as the first version, nevertheless, it is a good oil

    Calvin C.
    Australia Australia
    Sweet, strange but nice

    nice one Grandawodo team, this was intensive.

    The agarwood oil gets even more divine . . .

    The Crimson Nectar II distillation is so amazing I had to write to about it. It is a step in another direction from the original - also divine - but with an instant "hit" of olfactory wonder that it bares contemplation and a kind of honouring. I think I would embalm my body in this for eternity, if I were planning to die. I wonder how it would go in an embalming formula - the Egyptian after all used myrrh and other resins in theirs . . . The scent of gods . . . .

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

    Hi Michael, welcome back and thank you for your review