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All Prices are GST EXCLUSIVE


In Australia, Goods and Services Tax (GST) is 10%. It means if the displayed price is $10:

  • International orders (orders which are outside of Australia) will be $10.
  • Domestic orders (within Australia) will be $11 ($10 for the goods and $1 for GST).


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We sell and ship internationally, so depending where you are, there will be different taxes applied.

Our prices are GST EXCLUSIVE PRICES, which mean:

  • If you order within Australia, you will see a 10% of Goods and Services Tax (GST) added to your total order. For example, the total order is $100, you will see $10 tax added. The final bill is $110. You will see it when checking out.


  • If you order outside of Australia, then you will not have to pay this Goods and Services Tax. It means if your total order value is $100, the final bill is $100. However, depending on your country import customs, additional taxes will apply. For example, 20% VAT if you are from UK or 7% if you are in Singapore.