OUT OF STOCK - Scent of Enlightenment- The Crimson Flower Nectar-Wild Agarwood- Steam Distillation

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Highly recommended 

Wondering if this oil will attract bees and butterflies, but it surely will attract anyone who fancy sweet perfumes. Remember the Noble Spirit or Mesmerizing Sweetness making our mouths watery with their sweetness and sourness, The Crimson Flower Nectar is simply sweet and sweet and sweet . It is not the warm and nutty sweetness as honey, but more vibrant and complicated. Ylang-ylang and grapefruit flowers were the first two images came up when the bottle was opened. Mango? Pomegranate? Apricot? And more than that, everything lacing with the sweet wood base created an inspiring and happy aroma, very special.

100% pure high grade Agarwood Oud Oil from our super talent specialty distiller.