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Malaysian Bracelet- Agarwood and silver bracelet high quality- Imperial Guardian Lion

Imperial Guardian Lion or Lucky Guardian Lion is a powerful auspicious symbol that is believed to bring great protection, power and prosperity to its owner. 

Zentique Agarwood jewelries are all handmade to the smallest detailed beads and only selected premium Malaysian Agarwood beads are used. Agarwood jewelries will bring you calmness, inner peace and has high spiritual value.

Zentique jewelries are unique and beautiful, they are elegant gifts to your beloved.

Item comes with luxury embroidered suede box. 

  • 20 premium Agarwood beads: 6.5mm and 8.5mm
  • Decorative Thai silver beads
  • Sterling silver accessories

*Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products

*Bracelet size is measured as inner circle of the bracelet.