Agarwood Mala Prayer Beads bracelet- Nocturnal Scent

Beads quantity: 14

Bead dimension: circa 16 mm

Weight 35gMala beadsbeads

Color: deep in color with the hues of dark brown and dark yellow wood patterns

Fragrance: deep, and warm aroma with  hints of spicy, crisp, woodsy and sweet. Please note this is not as strong as heating wood chip.

This bracelet is a beauty with elegant color and aroma, not too fulsome like others. Light but noticeable, stronger scent when being warm up.

 This item is slightly waxed (coated) and NOT oil injected, 100% wild natural agarwood.


More info about this bracelet

Scientific name: Wikstroemia indica C.A. Mey., Thymelaceae

Your bracelet was made from this species. They are popular in Vietnam and currently not in danger in wild (extinct) so the price of them are quite low compared to other species (i.e Aquilaria Crassna).

In natural, they are harvested for traditional medicine by herbalists. Chemical components include: Wikstromin, Aretigemin, and so on.

(image: from Google Image)