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Kayu Suci 100% Pure WIld Malaysia Agarwood (Oud) Oil

As our Lawas Exquisite oud oil are running low, it is time to move on the next project, and it has been more than 1 year to collect the distilling material.  We can tell you with pride, it is a very successful distillation. This is one of the finest oil we ever had in our collection

Introduce to you: "Kayu Suci" which means Holy Wood

This wild oil contains zero barnyards, spicy, camphoraceous, musty and sweet dried down. It is rich, warm. and super smooth If you love whiskey, you can definitely pair with this oil.

Picture this in your mind

Feel the warmness internally? Now imagine double this feeling, internalise it

Feeling it? There is no resistance to put this oil on your skin. It smells so divine

When you sniff it, close your eyes, a pleasant warm air will wash through your nose and deliver to your brain. 

So what material you use to distill this oil?

See the below materials, these are wild agarwood collected from several dead trees from Baling District, Kedah State, Malaysia. It takes us one year to gather all the materials for this small project.

For your information, one surprising discovery around a dead tree:

Can you guess what so special about the below picture?

Guess what, these are Aquilaria saplings, which were found around the area of a dead tree. These trees will be grown up one day and hopefully, becomes agarwood.

These saplings have been spread out to ensure there is sufficient space for them to grow because, with the current space, they will not grow.

 Ready to smell good? , this batch contains ONLY 50ml, AND 25ml has been sold on the spot before we even package them. 25ml left.

If you are a collector, you would not want to miss this oil